indexMost know that technology sales revenue jobs can be beastly simply because of the speed of innovation and disruptive potential in the marketplace. What was hot last year can be obsolete this year and the competitive landscape can be brutal and unforgiving. The most successful sales pros I enjoy sharing with get good at mastering the “unlearning-learning-relearning” cycle, consult with one another, and embrace change as a friend.

In order to help other serious technology sale pros outside of my direct sphere of influence, I’ve shared some insights and tips in conversations, meetings, blog posts, and speaking events along the way that some have later come back and contacted me to say: “Chris, this was really helpful!” Here are the Top 5 insights I’ve shared that have garnered the most feedback.

10 Tips To Transition Into Technology Sales

The Pinocchio Tax – Selling After a Lying Experience

Selling With A Home Field Advantage

The Obsolete Technology Sales Culture

Don’t Jump, It’s Temporary – A Sales Recovery Scenario –


~Chris Bell 3rd