Fighting in Afghanistan

I just finished spending the weekend with The National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (NSPRAA) at our annual Royal Blue & White Weekend celebration at Morgan State. More than a few of these guys are commissioned officers in the US armed forces just back from “The Sandbox” (Iraq/Afghanistan) and some are going back for their 2nd and 3rd deployments.

A few of us were talking about a “brother” who was hit by an IED in Afghanistan,  and the severity of  his wounds, when someone asked me “Bell, how’s it going with you?” I decided to make my response pretty brief because when I think about what I do, and then think about the sacrifice those in uniform are making on a day-to-day basis… my business and professional transition issues seemed fairly petty.  Here’s what I said:

“My business  is in transition, growing, and in this climate of fiscal constraint and layoffs… I’m doubly blessed to also have a well-paying  job that I love.  Look for a complete business website makeover in 10 days.”  Then, I shut up.  They wouldn’t want to hear about my hiring a virtual assistant and operations specialist who proactively manage most day-to-day business requirements nor hear the benefit of being able to stay focused and productive in a full-time, W-2 position as a Solutions Strategist.

After this weekend, it’s no longer business-as-usual for me. I was reminded that people I know, respect, and care about are paying a heavy price in foreign lands so that I can follow my dreams at home.  I owe them my best. What about you?

Win, Chris