I started delivering outsourced�software sales services, on a retainer-plus-commission basis 5 months ago in July 2009 and after a key business win, I formally launched ChrisBell3rd & Companyin October 2009. The result was a strong business launch enabled by the support and encouragement of some great business people. To that end, I want to extend a special note of thanks and best wishes for the New Year to some of the people I collaborate with to include:

Vanessa, my awesome spouse and partner: thank you for the years of love, patience, support, and self-sacrifice. You inspire me.

Michael, Nii, and the team at TeraTech – You guys are amongst the best custom software developers on the planet! Thanks for allowing me to help drive your sales efforts.

Richard and the Discovery Communications development team if it weren’t for the recommendation you received via Twitter who knows. You guys consummated my first business agreement for my first very client, and in doing so guaranteed the successful launch of my business. I look forward to collaborating with you through 2010!

Phillip at ARINC  ours was the smoothest business I’ve ever transacted. Thank you!

Mustafa, atUntra TechnologiesThank you for introducing me to Ozgur, at BlueNet Technologies -we’re off to a great start!

Terri, at Creative Blog Solutions  – Thanks for lending your professional counsel and social media marketing expertise. You and your support team are awesome!

Mike, at SmickWorks  – dude, thanks for helping to get my website off the ground. I’ll try to keep the referrals coming!

Again, thank you and best wishes for an outstanding 2010!!!

Chris Bell