indexIf you’re like most entrepreneurs and people of purpose, your calendar is slammed with appointments, meetings, conference calls, team meetings, interviews, personal care, family time, business socials and you frequently find yourself exhausted. Such is the life of an entrepreneur… or is it?

Remember when you once poured hours of creative energy into your business idea before there even was a business? Do you recall when you were in your “creative zone” and then… that once-in-a-lifetime epiphany of your dreams and glimpses of a future reality collided with your conscience and stoked your passion to launch your business? The fact is, a business formed without a culture for creativity is a business on the way to being out of business. So what do YOU do?

As a leader, you’ve already recognized that creativity can be the secret sauce that helps to keep your company competitively differentiated. But how do you seed, develop and nurture that culture in your organization? Here are few ideas:

  • Make it alright, to be wrong: In fact, reward some bad ideas. Why? Because incremental failure or a not-so-great idea, can be the catalyst for creating great ideas. Editing an idea is easy. Creating a viable idea is hard.
  • Make creativity everybody’s job: Put creativity on job descriptions and delegate assignments that challenge your team to create and optimize existing processes that can impact productivity, market competitiveness, and ultimately… the bottom line.
  • Brain Storm: Surrender or set aside office titles and senior/subordinate rank in brain-storming sessions with your team to fuel a collaborative creative processes. It’s amazing what can be achieved if everyone contributes to framing an exceptional idea that takes form and enhances your business.
  • Schedule Creativity and Make it a Priority: Schedule creative time on your calendar and insist that your team does the same. Why? Your competition already has!


Chris Bell 3rd