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Chris Bell 3rd: Coaching for Big Results

“My name is Joey Price and I'm the CEO of Jumpstart:HR, LLC. My company provides full-service HR support to small, emerging businesses in the United States and international firms looking to establish or grow their presence in the US.  My company helps business owners grow their firms with confidence while alleviating the sting of the [...]

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Never Touch A Public Toilet Seat Again

Imagine: A product for women and children that removes anxiety normally associated with using public bathroom facilities. Well, it's almost here,  it's called "The Tidy Potty" and soon you may never have to touch a public toilet seat again. As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) in Columbia Maryland, I'm privileged to [...]

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Kiss My Glass of USA: A Veteran-Owned Business With A Smart Start

Here’s a BIG shout-out and special congratulations to Chuck Davis, CEO of Kiss My Glass of USA for successfully graduating from Project Opportunity – a 10-week, rigorous course prepared for US Military Veterans who are launching new businesses. Here is a PRESS RELEASE featuring the program and it's graduates. In addition to successfully launching [...]

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Project Opportunity US Military Veterans and Social Media

Last night I had the opportunity to share my insights and tips on leveraging social media for business with the Project Opportunity class of US military veterans graduating next week, and I left the class with a contest challenge and opportunity that would require them to uses multiple social media platforms to win a modest [...]

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Entrepreneur Coaching & Mentoring

An example of why I have the best part-time job in the country: coaching an 11-year old who is about to make her business pitch to Warren Buffet!

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Why Is The CEO in Sales?

This was supposed to be an easy, simple, “renewal & upgrade” deal for the CEO of an emerging technology company and initially I viewed my company's chances of competing and winning as a long shot... until I knew who I was really competing with. Strategy: swarm the account and finish with a slam dunk.

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Video: Calling on Technology Sales Experts!

Has yesterday’s expert advice lost some its efficacy or potency? What’s the shelf-life and expiration date on so-called “best practices” and established methodologies? What’s new and what’s coming? Can we talk about it?

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CB3 Featured Success Story

Most of the entrepreneurs and small business owners we know work extraordinarily hard to transform their business vision into a reality but too few are provided with an opportunity to be recognized.

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The Cost of Time Traps

There's new messaging out that says it all: "Works Is Not A Place A Place You Go To." If you're you're engaged in professional activities that don't put you in front of a qualified, prospective customer or doesn't add equity to your business... it may be a TIME TRAP. What's it costing you?

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“Let’s Do Dinner” – A Failure to Reciprocate?

After stepping thru enough qualification and discovery sales processes, it becomes easier to hand out really good, qualified leads to colleagues and peers in other organizations… especially when it becomes clear your solution isn’t a fit for your customer and your not competing for the same budget. Unfortunately, it's also quite likely you'll receive a generic token of appreciation from the recipient of your lead that sounds like this....

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Don’t Jump, It’s Temporary – A Sales Recovery Scenario

You're new to the sales position or territory. Don't panic or make crazy, sudden moves if you suddenly find yourself at the bottom of the sales leader board after a transition - it's common! Finger-pointing is dangerous and self-condemnation is premature. Here are 5 tips that should help elevate your game, take some pressure off, and put you on track to exceed your long-term goals.

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A Solopreneur Transformation

We've been REALLY busy. Yes, I did say "we." At CB3 (or for the more formally inclined, ChrisBell3rd & Company LLC) we've done more than just a little re-branding in the last 120 days. Here's what I mean...

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Smallbizlady Coaching with ChrisBell3rd

As a new entrepreneur and winner of the "Become Your Own Boss, $25,000 Entrepreneur's Challenge" I'm extraordinarily blessed and humbled to now have direct access to one of the nation's premier small business experts Melinda Emerson (aka Smallbizlady in Twitter circles) as my personal, business coach and advisor. This is the first of several blog posts over the next few months, in which I'll share some of the coaching and advice that Melinda has imparted to me.

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ChrisBell3rd A Winner in $25,000 Entrepreneur’s Challenge!

ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC has been announced as A WINNER in the Become Your Own Boss $25,000 Entrepreneur's Challenge! In celebration of her first book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works (Adams Media, March 2010), Melinda Emerson is announcing contest winners featuring a prize of weekly small-business coaching sessions. “The contest brought so many worthy applicants that I found it impossible to choose one winner,” describes Emerson. “I narrowed it to two winners who agreed to share the one-on-one coaching.” Entrepreneurs Jennifer Furr, owner of PictureThatSound in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Chris Bell, owner of ChrisBell3rd & Company in Columbia, Maryland...

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Technology Sales: A CIO’s Perspective

Has a CIO or experienced senior technology officer ever told you EXACTLY how to engage him and what he's looking for in his interactions with a technology sales professional? If not, this article is MUST-reading for you. Ed Anderson has been recognized as one of the Top 100 CIOs and senior technology executives in the United States. Tap into the wisdom and advice he offered to those present at a local meeting for Minorities in Technology Sales (MiTS)...

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Because, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

"The Customer is Always Right" is a powerful lie. What'Ss interesting is that over the years after hearing this same statement repeated over and over again from the mouths of intelligent, well-meaning business owners and executives, we should be impressed with the longevity and power of this falsehood. Why? Because ironically, there's a contradictory but viable measure of wisdom that professional sales and business development specialists understand: Customers have a right to be wrong. Be quiet and let them be wrong UNLESS...

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Outsourced Sales Professionals (OSPs) – A Competitive Advantage?

In times of fiscal constraint, companies are always seeking ways to increase productivity and sales revenue while concurrently reducing their costs. A recent BusinessWeek blog post entitled "A New Wrinkle on Outsourcing" provides a fresh perspective on the use of Outsourced Sales Professionls (OSPs) in technology sales.

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Video Survey: Acceptance & Confusion – Cloud Computing

This video features the results of a survey about Cloud Computing which was completed by Applied Research and sponsored by F5 a few months ago. Most would agree, for a 3.5 minute video, it does a fairly decent job detailing the acceptance and adoption of cloud computing today.

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End of a Sales Era?

Obsolete and adversarial sales "tactics & strategies" are being countered by new empowered buyers who are leveraging technology and social media to minimize the role of the traditional sales profession where the lack of trust is prevalent. Marketing and sales professionals must adopt the new transparency enabled by social media and embrace consistent, ethical sales practices that will be independently validated by empowered buyers.

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