“Gimme Your Lunch Money!”

Virtual "show & tell" sales activities with prospects are the status quo in professional technology sales today. But are your reps prepared, trained, and successful at handling bullying or conflict deriving from unfair, flawed, customer buying processes or the occasional unethical antics of your competition? What are you doing about it?

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Six Olympian Tips for Technology Sales

Both Olympians and technology sales athletes struggle with the demands of daily living, rejection, competition, and family matters but sales athletes also wade thru frigid buying cycles driven by global fiscal constraint, and a more knowledgeable and informed buyer. So how does one win for 5, 10, 15, or even 20+ years and still LOVE what they do?

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Don’t Jump, It’s Temporary – A Sales Recovery Scenario

You're new to the sales position or territory. Don't panic or make crazy, sudden moves if you suddenly find yourself at the bottom of the sales leader board after a transition - it's common! Finger-pointing is dangerous and self-condemnation is premature. Here are 5 tips that should help elevate your game, take some pressure off, and put you on track to exceed your long-term goals.

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

If you’re in the sales/business development game you’ve already figured this out: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Here are 5 tips that may enhance your effectiveness and productivity...

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Relaunching with New Products and Services for 2012!

Stay tuned! ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC has been experiencing significant growth and success in the last 3 years and January 2012 we will be launching new services and introducing a new team who will positively transform the business!

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Technology Sales: A CIO’s Perspective

Has a CIO or experienced senior technology officer ever told you EXACTLY how to engage him and what he's looking for in his interactions with a technology sales professional? If not, this article is MUST-reading for you. Ed Anderson has been recognized as one of the Top 100 CIOs and senior technology executives in the United States. Tap into the wisdom and advice he offered to those present at a local meeting for Minorities in Technology Sales (MiTS)...

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So, You’ve Missed your Quota…

What do you do when your numbers fall just a little short or when it becomes certain you're not going to achieve your sales quota or revenue objectives? To the best of my knowledge, there's not a lot of literature or support for teaching sales athletes how to react when they lose but here's a reality check: most sales athletes are NOT going to be #1 all the time. While there is no single reference that covers all circumstances, here's a list of tips to consider...

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Because, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

"The Customer is Always Right" is a powerful lie. What'Ss interesting is that over the years after hearing this same statement repeated over and over again from the mouths of intelligent, well-meaning business owners and executives, we should be impressed with the longevity and power of this falsehood. Why? Because ironically, there's a contradictory but viable measure of wisdom that professional sales and business development specialists understand: Customers have a right to be wrong. Be quiet and let them be wrong UNLESS...

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5 Appetizers for the Whiners in Sales

The "main course" of life serves up plenty of lessons. But sometimes sales professionals and business development specialists can sit at the table where a feast of opportunities are set before them and respond by whining and complaining. Before you adopt this posture, here are "5 Appetizers for the Whiners in Sales" that are on the menu.

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When Sales Performance Isn’t Enough – A sales reps view.

If you're a sales manager or executive managing a sales team, you may have hired people on your team you've worked with before or have had a previous personal connection with. That's great unless sales performance becomes secondary to the personal relationships you've established. Here's a question that was recently posted by a sales professional [...]

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