Never Touch A Public Toilet Seat Again

1505435_134694753367859_303128317_nImagine: A product for women and children that removes anxiety normally associated with using public bathroom facilities.

Well, it’s almost here,  it’s calledThe Tidy Potty” and soon you may never have to touch a public toilet seat again.

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) in Columbia Maryland, I’m privileged to work with extraordinary start-up companies and visionary executives who are innovating and creating products and services that are being prepared for launch into the marketplace. One such company, Beacoupdeforce Solutions and its CEO Thomas Harris, have a patent-pending for The Tidy Potty that is certain to receive global attention and international demand.

The Tidy Potty is a discreet, portable, safe, flush-able plastic, biodegradable toilet seat cover that is sturdy, thin, and pliable, but still offers a 100%  barrier of protection against moisture, microbes, parasites and debris. Because of its cleverly thought out design of smartly placed elastic for a secure fit on any toilet seat, and (2) tabs placed strategically to denote proper placement and to enable easy removal … The Tidy Potty can be easily and securely applied and removed to and from any toilet seat, without touching any part of the toilet whatsoever.

Kudos to Thomas Harris and Beaucoupdeforce! Here’s a video about the Tidy Potty. Want to know more? Visit


Relaunching with New Products and Services for 2012!

At ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC (also known as CB3) these are REALLY exciting times! A little more than two years ago, I started the company as a Solopreneur with only $395 after being laid off. The following year I was recognized as a Winner, in a 2010  $25,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge.

Today, in less than three years we’ve been able to expand our services, maintained several long-term partnership agreements, closed multi-million dollar contracts for our clients, moving into shared office space, and have become established as trusted advisors to CEOs and executives across the globe with an exemplary track record for performance. The net: we’re growing as a company, adding great professionals to our team, and we believe it’s a perfect time to TUNE-UP and:

  • REBRAND the company
  • Introduce an impressive NEW BUSINESS VIDEO DESTINATION
  • Present our NEW SERVICES
  • SUPPORT others in our COMMUNITY

Come back and visit us soon and keep up with activities related to our business re-launch here to…


-Chris Bell III

Telephone: 443.718.0977

Smallbizlady Coaching with ChrisBell3rd

It’s a calm, new day and quiet optimism abounds here at ChrisBell3rd. As most of you already know, in May 2010 I was announced as a winner of the “Become Your Own Boss $25,000 Entrepreneur’s Challenge” which was sponsored by Melinda Emerson (aka Smallbizlady.)  Melinda has established a stellar reputation as a small business expert, public speaker, and as the author of an awesome book entitled “Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works.

One of the conditions of my being a contest winner was a requirement to blog about my experiences working with Smallbizlady.  I knew I’d gain access to her business expertise but I didn’t know that I would also be the beneficiary of her encouragement, empathy, energy, inspiration, tactful correction, generosity, and personal authenticity. I didn’t just get a business coach… I found a friend. Here are some of the things we’ve covered:

The rules: Smallbizlady set the ground rules and preferences for interaction in our upcoming coaching sessions. My challenge: ensuring my client/customer requirements don’t encroach on my pre-scheduled business coaching sessions – we’re working on it.

Financial review: I submitted my company’s quarterly financials, but my business plan and marketing plans were obsolete in 8 months as I had surpassed all my initial Year-1 objectives. Now I needed a makeover. This became a priority for complet ion as Ms. Emerson needed more detail into my company’s core competencies to ascertain paths and opportunities for growth. Truth: I was impressed and… I’m not easily impressed.

Life Plan: every legit business owner understands the necessity to complete a business plan, but Smallbizlady introduced me to the benefit of using a “life plan” as an integrated part of my business plan. Have you ever busted your butt to achieve a goal or objective in life and then find yourself asking: “Is this it?” Never again… I’m workin’ on a life plan.

The new “normal”:  I soon discovered there was nothing crazy or unusual about my life or experiences as a new entrepreneur and that I should look to model the mindset and leverage the experiences of others who’ve been successful in my moments of doubt or in times of extraordinary challenge.

Pray for me and of course… I’ll keep you up to speed as my coaching sessions with Melinda Emerson, the Smallbizlady continue to unfold. By the way, a complete chapter of  Smallbizlady’s book is being featured in 4 pages of Black Enterprise magazine this month. Check it out!

Winning with you,

-Chris Bell III

ChrisBell3rd A Winner in $25,000 Entrepreneur’s Challenge!

In celebration of her first book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works (Adams Media, March 2010), Melinda Emerson is annoucning contest winners featuring a prize of weekly small-business coaching sessions. “The contest brought so many worthy applicants that I found it impossible to choose one winner,” describes Emerson.  “I narrowed it to two winners who agreed to share the one-on-one coaching.” Entrepreneurs Jennifer Furr, owner of PictureThatSound in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Chris Bell, owner of ChrisBell3rd & Company in Columbia, Maryland, will work with Emerson weekly and blog about their experiences.

In 2009, Jennifer Furr decided to leave her steady job in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue a dream – bringing a product to market that she couldn’t find in the retail world.

Furr founded PictureThatSound to fill an unmet need in the US memory-keeping market.  The company’s first product pairs a photo matte with a recordable device for sound.  Furr describes being pregnant with her second child and wanting to capture the ultrasound image with the heartbeat sound in her scrapbook album. “There are so many sounds that we take for granted, that we think we’ll always remember. Sometimes I close my eyes and picture a sound in my head, like my toddler’s giggle, my grandmother singing, or even my husband snoring. We provide a product that allows you to capture a photo and an audio snapshot of that memory, all in one.” Visit In June 2009, Chris Bell decided to use his creative business development and technology sales expertise to launch his consultancy, ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC to exceed sales revenue objectives on behalf of executives, investors, and owners of small to mid-sized IT software and life sciences software companies. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be coached by Smallbizlady, and I am thrilled to have been chosen.  I know she will help me grow my business,” said Bell.

ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC exercises proven best practices with the latest in Sales 2.0 technology to deliver customized business development and sales approaches that uniquely fit their client’s product-type, corporate culture, and revenue goals. His mantra is simple: “Nobody cares what you know, until they know that you care – all is business is personal.”   Visit

Emerson says, “These two emerging entrepreneurs are exactly the type of dedicated small-business owners that I love to coach.  I was so touched by each of their stories of starting a business.”Jennifer and Chris will receive coaching twice a month for one year and an autographed copy of Melinda Emerson’s book Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, her life planning journal, and her Audio CD: 10 Things You Must Never Forget in Business. Emerson will also coach both entrepreneurs every other week throughout the year. The winners will be required to blog twice per month about their entrepreneurial journey.

Melinda Emerson “Smallbizlady” is a seasoned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and small business coach. Her areas of expertise include small business start-up, business development and social media marketing. Melinda is a well-known expert in achieving bottom line results and has helped many entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.  Melinda hosts #Smallbizchat, a weekly talk show on Twitter for emerging business owners. Melinda publishes a blog about running a profitable small business  Her first book Become Your Own Boss in 12 months; A Month-by-Month Guide to Start a Business That Works” was released March 2010 from Adams Media.  For more information, please visit

No Heroics, Just Limited Choices

At some point in time, a life event will affect you personally and by default professionally count on it.  However, I see nothing heroic or virtuous about being diagnosed with cancer, recovering from surgery, and working to regain ones physical health. For me the effort was self-centered and I personally had no choice as no-decision would have been a painfully slow terminal decision. Reality check: the extraordinary person was my wife. She was the one who had to work a demanding and stressful full-time job while also attending to my physical care. Is it relates to another event: there’s nothing heroic about pushing thru the unexpected death of a loved one that’s what we’re supposed to do. But watching the people you love grieve thru loss and supporting them thru their grief in some ways is worse than cancer. Surgery can cure a disease but how do you cure a broken heart? It’s a callous cliche but it’s true: Life goes on and people cope in their own way. Last but not least… yes, it kinda sucked to be unexpectedly terminated asan employee less than 90 days after returning to work after recovering from cancer surgery but so what? Millions of Americans can tell a similar story and mine is just one of them.

The unexpected benefit of dealing with major life events which converged in a 6-month period is that it forced the exercise of faith, patience, and planning which also brought clarity to logical next-steps. There’s power in the wake of pain. ChrisBell3rd & Company actually launched as a low risk, high benefit endeavor(what’s to lose?) I played it safe and had one (admittedly awesome client) paying me consistently for a period of months BEFORE substantively investing my time, seeking the advice of a mentor, and leveraging my talents to begin planning for business growth. When small, incremental success becomes evident, and one has the support of a community that’s willing to pay for your services, it provides a glimpse into the future of potential possibilities. Who then, wouldn’t strive to better leverage the situation? The net: there’s nothing heroic about my professional transition though I certainly wish the path had been peronally less painful.

Thanks for the Acknowledgements!

Many thanks for numerous shout-outs and congratulatory thanks from previous customers, old and new friends, business associates (and even a few competitors) in recognition of the inaugural launch of ChrisBell3rd & Company a few days ago. The response to our launch has FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and we look forward to helping small software companies achieve and exceed their software sales revenue goals.

We’ll see you at the top!

– Chris Bell

New Sales Outsourcing Business ChrisBell3rd & Company Launches Overcoming Daunting Challenges

Columbia, Maryland (PRWEB) October 6, 2009 — Christopher Bell III had no idea he would launch a successful small business a year ago. At that time, personal and professional tragedy hit him hard. However, starting a new venture is exactly what Bell has done with the founding of his new company, ChrisBell3rd & Company – which specializes in providing world-class outsourced sales services of IT software and life sciences software on a retainer-plus-commission basis.

According to Bell, his clients are small software companies with big sales revenue objectives who may lack in-house sales resources or the expertise necessary to aggressively prospect, compete, negotiate, and win competitive scenarios within commercial organizations and U.S. federal civilian agencies based in the local Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia metropolitan area, or the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

Bell, who has more than 18 years experience as a nationally recognized leading sales revenue producer of IT and life science software, said he utilizes a variety of means to assist and find clients – including the latest marketing tools available.

“Evidence of a paradigm shift in the active use of technology by the sales profession – as in other professions – is everywhere. ChrisBell3rd landed its first client, TeraTech, Inc. in Rockville, Md. via an ad on Craig’s List,” Bell said. “Within 30 days of signing our consulting agreement, we had signed a major deal for TeraTech with a global entertainment communications company. That sales lead was generated by word-of-mouth via Twitter! What’s compelling is that one year ago, I had never even heard of Twitter.”

Despite early success, the company’s founding required unusual resolve to launch, he said.  In late 2008, he was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery and recovered after two months on disability. Forty-five days later, on Christmas Eve, a family member was found deceased of natural causes. The challenges continued just 50 days later, after he was terminated by his employer as part of the economic downturn. The decision, he said, became clear: “become a victim or a victor.” He chose the latter and a vision of opportunity was the result.

“Clearly, the velocity of technological change that is taking place today is exponential and it’s certainly not business as usual for employers with staffs of technology sales professionals,” Bell said. “While small IT software and life science software companies may be able to develop and market superior solutions to that of their larger competitors, a small company’s survival and future success in our marketplace will require different approaches and an enhanced evolving professional skill set to that of traditional sales personnel.”

ChrisBell3rd & Company is on the leading edge to help its clients reduce overhead and increase software sales revenue production. It does this by leveraging outsourced high-touch expertise to personally manage complex strategic sales processes while concurrently using virtual communications and social media tools to more cost effectively prospect, qualify, and dialogue with prospective customers in a manner that is more congruent with prospective customer’s evolving communications preferences and capabilities, said Bell.

“Today and in the future, ChrisBell3rd is well-poised to replicate its early success with other like-minded investors, business owners, and sales executives as we look forward to collaboratively adding software sales revenue to their bottom-line,” Bell said.

For more information, contact:

Christopher Bell, III