Winning and Losing to Win… Again.

We're not strangers to these stories: The world-class athlete who experiences an epic defeat in the arena who is seldom heard or seen again; the business mogul who has experienced extraordinary success and is blindsided by competitive forces who has to shut down his business to retire almost broke; the company’s top sales performer with [...]

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10 Tips To Transition Into Technology Sales

The Technology Sales Arena is where the elite of the sales profession compete to deliver solutions that transform and improve businesses and governments and they are commonly rewarded with six-figure annual income opportunities. Most are professionals… not peddlers. So how does one begin or transition their career into technology sales?

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Don’t Jump, It’s Temporary – A Sales Recovery Scenario

You're new to the sales position or territory. Don't panic or make crazy, sudden moves if you suddenly find yourself at the bottom of the sales leader board after a transition - it's common! Finger-pointing is dangerous and self-condemnation is premature. Here are 5 tips that should help elevate your game, take some pressure off, and put you on track to exceed your long-term goals.

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Another Reason for Excellence

“ is in transition, growing, and in this climate of fiscal constraint and layoffs... I'm doubly blessed to also have a well-paying job that I love..."

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Going Solo?

"Anybody can become a consultant. But not everybody does it well. Here's what you need to know to thrive." - WSJ Article entitled "How to Succeed in the Age of Going Solo" written by Richard Greenwald.

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The Cost of Obsolete Sales Management Tactics

As a business owner or senior sales executive for your small and growing technology company, you've probably moved away from old-school sales management tactics. But if you haven't, perhaps you've not weighed the cost...

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It’s Not Just the Money

I LOVE the technology sales profession but I must confess, too many of us become so self-absorbed that we forget that professional success is dependent in part upon the committment, professionalism, and sacrifice of the people within our sphere of influence. When was the last time you showed some appreciation?

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You’re Right. You Can’t Do What We Do!

If you've been a business development or sales professional for a while, I'm sure that you've come across someone at some point in time whose disposition, demeanor, or statements have left the impression that they don't think too highly of your career selection. The fact is, ours is an honorable profession that's crafted for very few and most people could never successfully do what we do.

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Because, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

"The Customer is Always Right" is a powerful lie. What'Ss interesting is that over the years after hearing this same statement repeated over and over again from the mouths of intelligent, well-meaning business owners and executives, we should be impressed with the longevity and power of this falsehood. Why? Because ironically, there's a contradictory but viable measure of wisdom that professional sales and business development specialists understand: Customers have a right to be wrong. Be quiet and let them be wrong UNLESS...

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5 Appetizers for the Whiners in Sales

The "main course" of life serves up plenty of lessons. But sometimes sales professionals and business development specialists can sit at the table where a feast of opportunities are set before them and respond by whining and complaining. Before you adopt this posture, here are "5 Appetizers for the Whiners in Sales" that are on the menu.

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The Law of “Retraction”

Have you ever talked to, our met with someone you've known for years and walked away from the dialogue blown away by their transformation or growth from what you perceived as a point of failure or tough circumstances? How did they seem to move from "zero-to-hero"? One plausible explanation is the "Law of Retraction."

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No Heroics, Just Limited Choices

One of the unexpected outcomes of our inaugural business launch last week was a sense that I had done something really extraordinary or heroic by overcoming a series of tough professional and personal circumstances. I hate to be an image buster, but to me the image of heroic is: a 19 year-old kid going on daily night missions in Afghanistan kicking down doors that may be booby-trapped. Let�s keep it real here, can we?

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9 Tips to Transition into the Technical Sales Arena

Some of the best talent in your sales organization hasn't been introduced to you yet. As business owners, sales executives, and investors we may be missing gold that's sitting on top of the ground because we're too busy digging in the mine. There are some "A-Players" out there ready and willing to make sales career transitions. Can you provide some tips to help them out?

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