Initiating Collaboration That Matters

Last month, I invited a few of my peers – a highly respected entrepreneur, a sales professional, and a business development expert to my office in Ellicott City, MD to participate in a Business Development Collaborative Initiative (BDCI) I started with IGLOO Software in Ontario, Canada. The purpose: to ascertain whether synergies exist amongst participants that could be leveraged for our mutual benefit.  The result: Two participating executives signed agreements and we’ll be working on driving business together.

Von Wright, MBA

A week later I was in Charlotte, NC invited to share and exchange ideas with several business executives and new MBA and PhD graduates regarding: the nuances of successfully launching and managing their own small businesses; the CB3 “But I Hate Sales™” Seminars being rolled out in September; and framing new initiatives that address the needs of the under-served.  Southern hospitality was at its best in Charlotte as I was a guest in the home of Von Wright, MBA – a highly motivated businessman (who happens to be a former Marine, former US Army Officer, an Airborne qualified logistics expert, and my Pershing Rifles fraternity brother) and his hostess wife whose awesome cooking is responsible for making me put on 5 lbs. 🙂

Lessons learned:  There’s power in transparency in YOUR personal story. While it’s necessary to use wisdom in the management or disclosure of your intellectual property, there’s no substitute for sharing and exchanging great ideas and real-world perspectives with ethical, highly motivated professionals with purpose.  Want to expand your network, be introduced into warm markets, and transform lives while being handsomely compensated? Stop trying to win alone. Take the time to share what you know and commit to “pushing up people” (a phrase made famous by the great Art Williams.)


Christopher Bell, III

Video: But I Hate Sales™ – The Beginning

Two years ago I was reading thru some of my old journal entries and one theme I’d consistently stumbled across in my professional life was that most of the people whom I knew, loved, and respected … hated sales (and avoided sales people in general.) In fact, most didn’t want to be associated with selling anything, or they were envious of sales people (“My God do you know how much money he made for one deal?”) Others were terrified at the thought of being perceived as a “salesperson.”

Then it hit me – while companies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars annually into sales training, who is training non-sales professionals who are doing the buying? Why is selling and buying so hard? What has been the impact of this in-congruence on businesses and families? Why not change the game? So I did… and began creating the But I Hate Sales™ Series of seminars and products with the inaugural seminar taking place on Thursday September 13that the Columbia Hilton in Columbia, Maryland.  Welcome to But I Hate Sales™

Christopher Bell, III

National Sales Network (NSN) Event – Guest Speakers: Mark Hill & Chris Bell III

Come join members of the National Sales Network (NSN) to secure great-career changing tips from guest speakers and Mark A. Hill, and Chris Bell, III accomplished technology sales professionals as they share unique insights about the technology sales arena and how you can make a personally and professionally rewarding transition into the technology sales arena.

Radio Interview: Building a Career in Technical Sales

A few months ago I authored an article entitled ” 9 Tips to Transition into the Technology Sales Arena” .

If you’re new to technology sales, looking for a career change, or a soon-to-be graduating college student, take a little down-time and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and then listen to this radio interview facilitated by Tai Goodwin, Career Makeover Coach and expert which features me and my colleague Mark Hill, Executive Director of Minorities in Technology Sales (MiTS) as we address these questions:

  • What trends are you seeing in technical sales careers?
  • What makes technical sales careers appealing?
  • What kind of people do well in this field?
  • What skills and experience are needed to transition into a technical sales career?
  • What professional organizations are out there for people to connect with?
  • What 3 or 4 pieces of advice have helped you build your own career?
  • How can someone go about making a transition into a technical sales career?
  • Where are the most opportunities for professionals interested in growing their career?
  • What advice do you have for anyone just getting started building their career?

To listen to this informative interview, click here : and then…


Christopher Bell, III