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Video: Calling on Technology Sales Experts!

Has yesterday’s expert advice lost some its efficacy or potency? What’s the shelf-life and expiration date on so-called “best practices” and established methodologies? What’s new and what’s coming? Can we talk about it?

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The Cost of Time Traps

There's new messaging out that says it all: "Works Is Not A Place A Place You Go To." If you're you're engaged in professional activities that don't put you in front of a qualified, prospective customer or doesn't add equity to your business... it may be a TIME TRAP. What's it costing you?

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A Solopreneur Transformation

We've been REALLY busy. Yes, I did say "we." At CB3 (or for the more formally inclined, ChrisBell3rd & Company LLC) we've done more than just a little re-branding in the last 120 days. Here's what I mean...

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