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A Winners Edge – Competitive Intelligence

Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately, So Is Losing. – Vince Lombardi Kudos and a big shout-out to the sales athletes who show up to compete in the sales arena. You put it all on the line and are driven to minimize the influence others may have in deciding where you can afford to live, what [...]

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The Sales Janitor

"The Sales Janitor" an excerpt from the BUT I HATE SALES©  Training & Speaker Series for Non-Sales Professionals If you're not in sales or new to the profession, it can be a bit overwhelming when you see great sales and business development professionals in action. Most often, they're engaged with multiple buying influencers (evaluators, executive [...]

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Rookie Tips: Systems and Politics in Sales

Are you a quota-bearing sales rep with great ideas and insights that can improve your company's sales systems and processes? Are you being held hostage to systemic failure or do you fell powerless to the politics of process? Here are some insights and tips for a potential win-win scenario.

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Radio Interview: But I Hate Sales™

Host, Mindy Guisewite and Christopher Bell. Christopher Bell, III is the author and creator of the “But I Hate Sales™” seminars and events for non-sales people. He owns an IT and biotechnology software sales consultancy based in Columbia Maryland, and one of the fastest-growing commercial energy brokerage consulting companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Chris is also a business communications course instructor at Howard Community College, an Encore Program Advisor-in-Residence at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship and one of the two winners in the 2010 Melinda Emerson $25,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge. If you own a business or are in business, you don't want to miss this one.!

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Where Are The Buyers?

Where are the buyers? Engaging with technology sales subject matter experts.

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Why Is The CEO in Sales?

This was supposed to be an easy, simple, “renewal & upgrade” deal for the CEO of an emerging technology company and initially I viewed my company's chances of competing and winning as a long shot... until I knew who I was really competing with. Strategy: swarm the account and finish with a slam dunk.

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Speaker Series: 2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips

The 2013 Technology Sales Arena. Are there new rules and new tools? Will it be a New Year with new fears? You're invited to register and attend a presentation hosted by the Howard County Economic Development Authority Speaker Series, and authored by Chris Bell, III entitled "2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips" that may transform your business.

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Video: Calling on Technology Sales Experts!

Has yesterday’s expert advice lost some its efficacy or potency? What’s the shelf-life and expiration date on so-called “best practices” and established methodologies? What’s new and what’s coming? Can we talk about it?

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The Obsolete Technology Sales Culture

Ever since mankind stood on two legs, somebody has been selling and not many people esteemed those in the profession. In fact, I'd describe society's perspective on sales as being one of strained tolerance. That was yesterday because today's prospective buyers don't have to take it anymore...

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(Video) A Technology Sales Team Tune-Up

Obsolescence in the sales profession is quite real and the velocity towards the cliff of irrelevance is only increasing. The net: What got you here… isn’t enough to keep you here. Is your sales team struggling because of the organizational systemic failure and obsolete processes, protocols, tools you’ve put in place; OR are they lacking the ever-evolving sales skills necessary to win in a hyper-competitive business environment? Perhaps, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE, but how do you know?

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“Gimme Your Lunch Money!”

Virtual "show & tell" sales activities with prospects are the status quo in professional technology sales today. But are your reps prepared, trained, and successful at handling bullying or conflict deriving from unfair, flawed, customer buying processes or the occasional unethical antics of your competition? What are you doing about it?

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Initiating Collaboration That Matters

Is it really just about YOU? Have you ever reached a goal, exceeded a quota or revenue objective, been #1 in something, and after it's done wondered... "Is that it?" Ditch the self-centered objectives...

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“Let’s Do Dinner” – A Failure to Reciprocate?

After stepping thru enough qualification and discovery sales processes, it becomes easier to hand out really good, qualified leads to colleagues and peers in other organizations… especially when it becomes clear your solution isn’t a fit for your customer and your not competing for the same budget. Unfortunately, it's also quite likely you'll receive a generic token of appreciation from the recipient of your lead that sounds like this....

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

If you’re in the sales/business development game you’ve already figured this out: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Here are 5 tips that may enhance your effectiveness and productivity...

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“Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story”

"Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story" - is an article authored by Tonya Taylor, a feature writer for the Baltimore Social Media Examiner and is an excerpt of from an interview done with Chris Bell, III Senior Partner and Founder of ChrisBell3rd & Company which describes how he launched and grows his small business using social media to get big results.

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Technology Sales: A CIO’s Perspective

Has a CIO or experienced senior technology officer ever told you EXACTLY how to engage him and what he's looking for in his interactions with a technology sales professional? If not, this article is MUST-reading for you. Ed Anderson has been recognized as one of the Top 100 CIOs and senior technology executives in the United States. Tap into the wisdom and advice he offered to those present at a local meeting for Minorities in Technology Sales (MiTS)...

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So, You’ve Missed your Quota…

What do you do when your numbers fall just a little short or when it becomes certain you're not going to achieve your sales quota or revenue objectives? To the best of my knowledge, there's not a lot of literature or support for teaching sales athletes how to react when they lose but here's a reality check: most sales athletes are NOT going to be #1 all the time. While there is no single reference that covers all circumstances, here's a list of tips to consider...

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Because, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

"The Customer is Always Right" is a powerful lie. What'Ss interesting is that over the years after hearing this same statement repeated over and over again from the mouths of intelligent, well-meaning business owners and executives, we should be impressed with the longevity and power of this falsehood. Why? Because ironically, there's a contradictory but viable measure of wisdom that professional sales and business development specialists understand: Customers have a right to be wrong. Be quiet and let them be wrong UNLESS...

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The Law of “Retraction”

Have you ever talked to, our met with someone you've known for years and walked away from the dialogue blown away by their transformation or growth from what you perceived as a point of failure or tough circumstances? How did they seem to move from "zero-to-hero"? One plausible explanation is the "Law of Retraction."

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