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A Winners Edge – Competitive Intelligence

Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately, So Is Losing. – Vince Lombardi Kudos and a big shout-out to the sales athletes who show up to compete in the sales arena. You put it all on the line and are driven to minimize the influence others may have in deciding where you can afford to live, what [...]

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Speaker Series: 2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips

The 2013 Technology Sales Arena. Are there new rules and new tools? Will it be a New Year with new fears? You're invited to register and attend a presentation hosted by the Howard County Economic Development Authority Speaker Series, and authored by Chris Bell, III entitled "2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips" that may transform your business.

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The Obsolete Technology Sales Culture

Ever since mankind stood on two legs, somebody has been selling and not many people esteemed those in the profession. In fact, I'd describe society's perspective on sales as being one of strained tolerance. That was yesterday because today's prospective buyers don't have to take it anymore...

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(Video) A Technology Sales Team Tune-Up

Obsolescence in the sales profession is quite real and the velocity towards the cliff of irrelevance is only increasing. The net: What got you here… isn’t enough to keep you here. Is your sales team struggling because of the organizational systemic failure and obsolete processes, protocols, tools you’ve put in place; OR are they lacking the ever-evolving sales skills necessary to win in a hyper-competitive business environment? Perhaps, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE, but how do you know?

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Relaunching with New Products and Services for 2012!

Stay tuned! ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC has been experiencing significant growth and success in the last 3 years and January 2012 we will be launching new services and introducing a new team who will positively transform the business!

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“Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story”

"Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story" - is an article authored by Tonya Taylor, a feature writer for the Baltimore Social Media Examiner and is an excerpt of from an interview done with Chris Bell, III Senior Partner and Founder of ChrisBell3rd & Company which describes how he launched and grows his small business using social media to get big results.

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Path of a Blackberry-to-IPhone Conversion

Yes, I did it. I'm a recent Blackberry-to-iPhone convert. The transition has been both exhilarating and disappointing. Make no mistake. I loved using my BlackBerry and though my 30-day iPhone 3GS trial is over I do find comfort in knowing that using a BB device was a smart personal and business decision two years ago.

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