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“Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story”

"Show Him the Money: a $25,000 Social Media Success Story" - is an article authored by Tonya Taylor, a feature writer for the Baltimore Social Media Examiner and is an excerpt of from an interview done with Chris Bell, III Senior Partner and Founder of ChrisBell3rd & Company which describes how he launched and grows his small business using social media to get big results.

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Amnesty in Social Networking

“How can one individual authentically manage hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn relationships?" Answer: They don't. There's simply not enough time in the day to do it. So, if you’ve got lots of social media connections and only a fraction of your interactions seem relevant, lighten up, forgive yourself, and give your connections permission to break things off by declaring an informal period of amnesty. Then, you can enjoy nurturing and developing the remaining relationships

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High-Tech for High-Touch

The old adage "you can't manage what you can't measure" presents itself as a unique challenge when a sales force begins to adopt and leverage Web 2.0 capabilties with social media tools to research, prospect, qualify, and drive their sales opportunities to closure. So where does one begin? Answer: With the end in mind.

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