Video: Calling on Technology Sales Experts!

Has yesterday’s expert advice lost some its efficacy or potency? What’s the shelf-life and expiration date on so-called “best practices” and established methodologies? What’s new and what’s coming? Can we talk about it?

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Video Survey: Acceptance & Confusion – Cloud Computing

This video features the results of a survey about Cloud Computing which was completed by Applied Research and sponsored by F5 a few months ago. Most would agree, for a 3.5 minute video, it does a fairly decent job detailing the acceptance and adoption of cloud computing today.

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High-Tech for High-Touch

The old adage "you can't manage what you can't measure" presents itself as a unique challenge when a sales force begins to adopt and leverage Web 2.0 capabilties with social media tools to research, prospect, qualify, and drive their sales opportunities to closure. So where does one begin? Answer: With the end in mind.

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