“No” Doesn’t Matter

(An excerpt from the BUT I HATE SALES®  Speaker Series by Christopher Bell, III) “No.” One word, one syllable, two letters. So what is it about that one little word, that can cause normally confident men and women to retreat, pause, or halt their advance toward their breakthrough to a better life? What is it about “no” [...]

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Speaker Series: 2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips

The 2013 Technology Sales Arena. Are there new rules and new tools? Will it be a New Year with new fears? You're invited to register and attend a presentation hosted by the Howard County Economic Development Authority Speaker Series, and authored by Chris Bell, III entitled "2013 Tech Sales Trends & Tips" that may transform your business.

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(Video) A Technology Sales Team Tune-Up

Obsolescence in the sales profession is quite real and the velocity towards the cliff of irrelevance is only increasing. The net: What got you here… isn’t enough to keep you here. Is your sales team struggling because of the organizational systemic failure and obsolete processes, protocols, tools you’ve put in place; OR are they lacking the ever-evolving sales skills necessary to win in a hyper-competitive business environment? Perhaps, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE, but how do you know?

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“Let’s Do Dinner” – A Failure to Reciprocate?

After stepping thru enough qualification and discovery sales processes, it becomes easier to hand out really good, qualified leads to colleagues and peers in other organizations… especially when it becomes clear your solution isn’t a fit for your customer and your not competing for the same budget. Unfortunately, it's also quite likely you'll receive a generic token of appreciation from the recipient of your lead that sounds like this....

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Video: But I Hate Sales™ – The Beginning

While companies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars annually into sales training, who is training non-sales professionals who are doing the buying? Why is selling and buying so hard? What has been the impact of this incongruence on businesses and families? Why not change the game? So I did… and began creating the But I Hate Sales™ Series of seminars and products

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