All of my company’s clients are owners, investors, and sales executives in small, growing technology companies. One of the more exciting benefits of my work is that on a daily basis, I’m ushered into the presence of their genius, vision, and levels of energy that can fuel and inspire all but the dead. While personalities and corporate cultures differ, most of the executives and sales leaders I encounter share a genuine passion for the pursuit of excellence coupled with sincere care and respect for their colleagues, employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers. Just as importantly, this attitude is infectious and permeates the can-do positive disposition in their sales and marketing organizations which support the monetary lifeline for the company’s growth and survival.

However, nothing is 100%. I’ve also spoken with and met a few owners and sales executives who after being frustrated with sub-standard sales performance results, adopted a corporate culture that’s fueled by old-school fear and intimidation and it works!  (It just doesn’t work that long.) All people are drawn to that which increases them, and move away from that which they believe diminishes their value.

Do you remember when your last salesperson quit? Now add on 3 months.  A sales reps letter of resignation is generally an official belated expression of a decision they made months ago. So now you’re looking at: a limited pipeline in a barely-worked open territory, a sales forecast short on revenue, personal time you’ve got to commit for new-hire interviews, and still more time necessary to have a new rep appropriately trained and oriented in the new territory before they can generate new revenue.  Now you are in deep @#%^!!!

Lesson: old-school, macho, profane, hair-on-fire, sleazy, peddler intimidation tactics are obsolete in good technology sales organizations. Even in this climate of fiscal restraint and high unemployment, good business development specialists and sales professionals simply won�t be treated like commodities without penalty.

The net: If you’re an investor, business owner, sales executive, or even an account manager and want to know how to stop the madness while also increasing your sales revenue production, contact me to setup a brief, confidential appointment. I promise it’ll be time well-spent.


Christopher Bell, III